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"Victory Reigns Ranch is one the most beautiful Ranches I have ever visited. God’s divine Blessing is here! There is a majestic Peace of God that is unexplainable; that in which can only be experienced! Carol and Steve Langley are a Testimony of God’s redemption, restoration and hope! Come be healed here!"


 - Wanda Eastwood

"I have been to a retreat and it was AMAZING‼ You were welcoming and loving ❤ I had a girlfriend who you all took under your wings as she was able to tell her truth without judgment. Nothing but love and grace you showed her.

Then to top that off my other friend I brought was able to read her story of her daughter who had been killed in front of her. It was a moving moment for all of us.

I would recommend anyone to go to Victory Ranch. I will be going to other retreats."

 - Lori Caruth Thoreson 

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