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Our Story

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"Sit with animals quietly and they will show you their hearts. Sit with them kindly and they will show you yours."

-Ramblings of the Claury

About Carol and Steve Langley -


Carol was raised on a quarter horse farm in Rockford IL and has shown and worked with horses for the majority of her life. Her father instilled in her a powerful love of Christ alongside immense respect and admiration for the horses they cared for. Carol and Steve married in 1982 and through life have grown to understand that Christ’s path for them leads through bringing others closer to Him. 


When the enemy attacked Carol and Steve through Carols cancer, marital trials, loss, tragedy, homelessness, career hurdles and near separation, the Lord lead them to renewed marital strength, anointed careers, Carol’s victory over cancer, and finding a home in their Holy Spirit filled church family.


Carol dreamed of opening her own horse farm, and she listened to the Lord’s calling after being trained in Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy. Steve and Carol aim to help people experience true freedom in their lives through the Holy Spirit and thus Victory Reigns Ranch was born in 2019.  Every step towards the opening of Victory Reigns Ranch has been orchestrated by Christ. NOTHING is impossible if you trust and wait on God. 


“Their intent is to bring out the best in each person through this ministry with the simple and pure desire to lead them to know who they are, what they can do, and what they can have in Christ. Ultimately, to lead them to know how to activate the vision that God intended for them.”

-The Stable Guide, Elaine Averill Davis

Zevida and Awesome-2.jpg

Zevida (Black and White Fresian Cross)

Awesome Venture (Bay OTTB)

"But God, is greater than my circumstances"
-Ephesians 2:4
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